Local Selling Tips

Real Estate Selling Tips


Real Estate is fast becoming a great place to invest in your future. This is good news for buyers looking to have a great area to live at affordable pricing. We're also seeing increases in value leveling off, but not falling, which is good for buyers and sellers.

Clean up clutter.

The less clutter in your home makes it look bigger, and more spacious. Throw away useless items and give away anything that may still have some value for others.

Price your home right.

A home that is priced well above the local market or above similar homes will not sell quickly, or possibly not at all....be fair. Work with your Real Estate Agent to price your home correctly the first time.

Find the best Real Estate Consultant.

Having a good Real Estate Consultant can make a huge difference in a competitive market. A Real Estate Consultant who knows how to market and list your home with good experience and connections, will be an invaluable asset. Interview Real Estate Consultants, and ask for references.

Come up with a marketing plan.

When you decide on a Real Estate Agent, make sure they develop a customized marketing plan that fits your needs.

Make necessary changes to the deal.

If your house isn't selling within a reasonable time period, consider changing the deal instead of lowering the price. A good example, instead of lowering your price from $500,000 to $480,000, keep the $500,000 but offer a 2 percent "seller contribution" to help pay for closing costs. This saves you money (you pay $10,000 in closing costs rather than a $20,000 price reduction) and is very appealing to many buyers.

Fix what needs fixing.

Buyers will ask for a home inspection. You'll save time by getting a preliminary home inspection yourself and making repairs before putting the house on the market. However, if a repair is requested from a potential buyer, it may be cheaper than finding a new buyer.

Find out what potential buyers thought after a showing or open house.

Take negative comments as constructive criticism, which you can use to make the next showing or open house better. Feedback is good.

Be accommodating to the potential buyer.

If they want to see your house early Sunday morning, don't be picky! Be flexible.